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Liberty Legacy

You’ve spent a lifetime building your wealth, working hard to achieve financial security. Now, in your retirement years, you have enough to live on – and a little more. Liberty Bankers can help you protect and grow that wealth, keeping it safe for your family.

Liberty Legacy is a single premium whole life insurance policy, offering an income tax-free death benefit that you pay for in one lump sum. There are no additional payments, no policy fees or charges. And its value starts growing immediately.

What our plans mean for you:

  • Benefits and values guaranteed to age 121
  • Death benefit that avoids the expense and delay of probate
  • Not subject to market or investment downturns

  • No annual increasing cost of insurance
  • Quick, simple approval process – with no medical exam required

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Despite best-laid plans, life sometimes takes us by surprise. If your situation changes and you need your money back, Liberty Bankers offers multiple ways to access your policy value.

Accelerated Death Benefits

We understand how devastating a diagnosis of terminal or chronic illness can be for you and your family. In these cases, you can receive a portion of your death benefit at no additional cost. See your policy for additional details including state variations, fees, limitations and exclusions, as well as definitions for terminal and chronic illness.


Policy loans of any amount up to the cash value are available at any time.


At any time, you can decide to cash out your policy for guaranteed cash values, which increase tax-deferred each year. The cash surrender value may be less than the premium paid, however, depending on when the policy is surrendered.


If your financial situation changes unexpectedly, annuitizing your surrender proceeds can help protect your future income stream. This allows you to convert the value of the surrender into regular income payments for a specified number of years.

Free-Look Provision

We offer a 30-day free-look period in which you can receive the full return of your premium with no penalties or fees.

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