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Supplemental Health

Fighting cancer, recovering from a heart condition or stroke, healing after an accident, or being hospitalized can be expensive. Along with medical bills, there are many non-medical expenses that can add up. With Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company’s Plus Series products, we can help you plan for the unexpected.

The Supplemental Health Plus Series products help give you a financial cushion to help you continue to pay your living expenses while you or your loved one is critically ill or injured. These products pay a tax-free lump sum cash benefit to you if you have a prolonged hospital stay, are diagnosed with cancer, recovering from a heart condition or a stroke, or if you experience a covered accidental injury, depending on the coverage you select.

Covering medical expenses and beyond

Your major medical coverage is going to help with the doctor’s bills – except for deductibles, copays, or treatment not covered – but our Plus Series products are there to help by putting cash in your pocket at your time of need.

Plus Series Products

Our innovative supplemental health products can help you plan for the unexpected:

  • Accident Plus
  • Cancer Plus
  • Critical Care Plus
  • Heart and Stroke Plus
  • Hospital Indemnity Plus

The plans offer additional benefit riders such as dental, vision, hearing, ambulance services, emergency room, urgent care, outpatient surgery, outpatient therapy, medical devices, and much more!

We can put you in touch with a licensed insurance professional to learn more about our critical illness or accident coverage, including what exclusions apply to each type of coverage.

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