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Looking for long-term savings products that guarantee financial return for retirement and help you manage money in the future? Annuities may be right for you. With flexible payment and withdrawal options, you can rest assured that there’s an annuity that can work for your needs.

Annuities provide assurance that your money can grow with fixed rates of interest guaranteed by Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company and Capitol Life Insurance Company. All annuities are traditional fixed annuities, which have a guaranteed minimum interest rate.

Annuities are the only financial product that can be designed to provide a guaranteed income stream that will last for a lifetime, protecting you against the risk of outliving your assets.

Annuities have tax advantages that allow you to defer paying taxes on your interest earnings until they are withdrawn or distributed.

Please contact your personal tax advisor regarding your circumstances, Liberty Bankers Insurance Group and its producers are not authorized to give tax advice.

Annuities also enable you to provide for your loved ones in the event of your death.

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Payouts - your way

You choose how you’ll receive your annuity income.

Partial Withdrawals
Many policyholders choose periodic partial withdrawals of the account balance. Some exercise this option to receive regular checks to supplement their income.

Lump Sum Withdrawals
After the end of the surrender charge period, your annuity may permit you to withdraw your entire account balance without penalty.

Regular Annuity Payments That Can Last a Lifetime
Annuities can provide regularly scheduled payments that can last a lifetime, similar in concept to payments received from traditional pensions.

Flexible Payment Options

Simply choose what works for you.

Single Payment Annuities:

This payment option allows you to pay for your entire annuity at once, and your annuity grows until you choose to make withdrawals.

Flexible Payment Annuities:

These annuities offer the advantage of accepting multiple premium payments into the same policy. After the first premium payment, you may make voluntary additional payments, and over time, your account can grow from additional premium payments, as well as from interest accumulations.

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